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Protect Your Personal Assets

Directors and Owners of small and medium businesses face an enormous array of laws and regulations. Many of these imply significant monetary penalties on Company Directors and Officers. The Corporations Act alone provides 17 sections imposing civil and criminal Liability on Directors!

You are vulnerable to actions under the Trade Practices Act and often the legal costs can be significant in preparing a defence.

The new employment laws create great uncertainty for business. The media has reported a significant increase in cases decided by Fair Work Australia. The sting in the tail is the capacity of the tribunal to impose civil penalties for unfair dismissal, discrimination, etc.

Occupational Health and Safety rules hold you responsible for death/injury or even unsafe working conditions. Substantial fines have been imposed on many small and medium businesses and their directors.

We are seeing an increase in theft committed by employees.

Each month we are advised by various law firms of successful prosecution of Directors for breaches of OH&S laws, sexual harassment prosecutions and other laws and regulations.

You need to consider Directors and Officers Insurance which provides cover for Wrongful Acts, Statutory Fines and Penalties, Employee Theft and other important benefits. Most importantly are the Defence Costs built into the cover to protect you from ruinous Legal Costs!

Please speak to your Account Manager for specific tailored advice for your business and personal protection.