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Business Affected By A Disaster?

Estimates from the US suggest that more than 40% of businesses affected by a disaster never resume, and of those that do 25% will close their doors within two years.

The beginning of 2011 has seen the raw power of nature on full display in Australia. Every day we saw the pictures of flash floods, rivers breaking their banks, dams filled to double their capacity and having to release water into flooded rivers and sodden cities, monsoon-like rainfalls that are breaking all records.

How could your business cope if all your infrastructure was wiped out, your staff had lost property and were living in temporary housing?

Would your insurance plan enable you to bring your business back into operation or continue to service your customer network?

Getting the right types of insurance and policies can assist your business to survive and continue operating after fires, storms, cyclones or other destructive events. Call insurics today to ensure your level of cover has you covered.